The Cricut Expression – Are the Cricut Expressions Machines Good, Bad or Ugly?

December 22, 2016

For anyone who is a passionate scrapbooker or maybe enjoy making professional looking signs and crafts, you’ve clearly got word of the Cricut Expressions.

If accuracy and absolute precision is a must-have feature for you personally in addition to being packed to the brim with other unique features, the Cricut Expression machine may be for you.

In recent times, they have released quite a few units with different specifications that is catered to the different needs of the customers. In addition to the basic unit, they’ve also introduced add-ons that can further enhance the Cricut machines.

The Cricut Expression is about the most widely used choice for users. The key reason is the size. The Cricut Expression can fit more robust mat sizes of 12″ x 24″, meaning it is possible to fit more designs to a single cut. It will be easier to create more cuts using a single mat by running the machine once.

The larger mat size also helps you to create larger designs for example room decorations or even banners. This is certainly its greatest strength since more complex designs often requires more room and the Cricut Expression is able to handle it with ease.

But this larger unit does have its disadvantages. For instance, it loses its portability. Therefore it is meant to stay in one place only as opposed to having the capacity to move around like the other cutting machines.

The Cricut expression is also bundled with new presets which have been aimed make your work easier and help speed up your production. The Mix ‘n Match feature enables you to program different creative cuts for each and every character and it will all fit into just one cutting task.

If you wish to repeat a design pattern, simply use the Auto Fill feature and this will duplicate the design to fit in as many repetitions as possible onto a single mat.

Another paper saving feature will be the Fit to Page preset. It’ll enlarge the design as big as possible to adjust to all of the remaining page area.

When you want to create cuts in batches, the Quantity feature will ask you how many cut-outs are you wanting and it’ll calculate and help you through each loading mats.

Images and shapes can be flipped just simply by selecting the Flip feature.

Thick paper cuts are also not a problem given that the Multi Cut feature will slowly contour the blade therefore it goes deeper every time it cuts.

Some cuts need a different starting position. The Center Point option will position the blade to the middle of the mat in readiness for that.

To be able to continue working on a previously cut paper, you may simply select the Line Return and it will position itself to the next line after a cut has been made.

Other features include language selection and changing the metric measurements. There is also an Xtra button which can be programmed to work with features that’ll be released at some point.

If you’re thinking to get yourself a Cricut Expression for work or maybe just for fun, then we’ve written a no-nonsense review that you may be interested in reading before you obtain one of these machines.

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